Sarah Reisman

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Trauma Informed Lawyering

Oct 16, 2019
For attorneys working with these populations, a trauma informed approach allows for more competent representation, improved legal outcomes, increased client engagement and be an empowering experience for clients. This session will discuss why and how to integrate trauma informed practices into your representation and use a hypothetical case to have participants practice applying trauma-informed skills at the time of intake.
MCLE: 0.5 hours (Competence Issues (formerly substance abuse))

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders in CA Courts: Complex Legal Issues

Nov 20, 2019
This webinar will dive into some of the complex legal issues facing litigants seeking domestic violence restraining orders in California courts.


How to Appeal a Domestic Violence Restraining Order Tips and Tricks

Jan 23, 2020
This informational webinar will explore the specific issues related to appeals of domestic violence restraining order decisions in California courts. We will address some of the most common issues related to preserving an appeal and briefly review the procedures for appealing, including tips for maximizing the likelihood of a successful appeal.
MCLE: 0.5 hours

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