Margaret Stevenson

Legal Aid Advocate (Bay Area)

Margaret (Peggy) Stevenson is the Director at San Jose State University's Record Clearance Project.

Margaret (PeggyStevenson is the Director at San Jose State University’s Record Clearance Project.

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Supervising Interns and Volunteers: Professional Responsibility & Best Practices

May 31, 2018
Presenters will describe the ABA and California Rules of Professional Responsibility as they relate to common challenges with volunteers (including the duty to supervise, the unlawful practice of law, and the duty of confidentiality). Presenters will also discuss challenges and successful strategies for hiring, supervising, managing, and wrapping up the term for volunteers and interns.
MCLE: 1.25 hours (Legal Ethics)

Legal Interpreting Techniques and Ethics

Apr 22, 2020
This session will cover techniques for advocates to use in working with an interpreter. It highlights some challenges (e.g., talkative clients, slang, when an interpreter needs clarification) and techniques to resolve them. It covers interpreter ethics.
MCLE: 1 hour (Legal Ethics)

Drafting Declarations: Style and Advocacy Considerations

May 6, 2020
The presentation will cover how to draft effective, persuasive declarations. We will review style, grammar and advocacy considerations to persuade a judge to grant the relief requested. Examples will be drawn from requests for record clearances, but will be broadly applicable to a range of areas of legal services practice.
MCLE: 1 hour

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