Legal Aid Advocate (Southwestern California)

Theresa Zhen is a Skadden Fellow with A New Way of Life Reentry Project.

Theresa Zhen

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LAAC: California Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program

Sep 22, 2015
This webinar will discuss California's Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program, including advocacy efforts directed at facilitating its implementation.
MCLE: 1 hour

Conquering Court Debt: Arguing “Ability to Pay” in Traffic Court

Oct 16, 2017
This training will provide a framework for understanding the often dramatically harmful impact of traffic court fines and fees, and frequently accompanying driver's license suspension, on low income infraction defendants.
MCLE: 1 hour

New Pathways for Advocates to Challenge Parking Tickets and Car Tows on Behalf of Indigent Clients

Nov 16, 2018
Join the attorneys and law students from the East Bay Community Law Center, the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Back on the Road coalition as they walk through the new laws, their implementation in various cities, and some problems you might encounter and how to deal with them.
MCLE: 1 hour

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