National research, consulting, and legal organization dedicated to building economic health in vulnerable communities. HQ in Oakland.
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Primary geographic focus: California Statewide, National
Organization Type: Provider, Research/Policy/Organizing
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Tags: Community Outreach: Other, Housing, Seniors
Acronym or short name: Insight Center

The Insight Center is a national research, consulting, and legal organization dedicated to building economic health in vulnerable communities.

The Insight Center was formed in 1969, originally as the National Housing and Economic Development Law Project and later as the National Economic Development and Law Center, to provide legal and project development expertise to this growing movement. The Insight Center has led the way in establishing the legal precedents for business and real estate development by charitable corporations, and it wrote the first comprehensive legal treatise on the subject.

Insight Center for Community Economic Development (Insight Center)



Opinion: Is it unfair for state to suspend licenses for unpaid tickets?

Jhumpa Bhattacharya
East Bay Times
May 17, 2017
"Close to 40 percent of Californian families, or 3.5 million California households, are struggling to make ends meet. When these families receive a ticket, they are faced with a false choice: Do I buy food for my family, pay my rent, or pay this ticket?"


The Race Mistake

Vishnu Sridharan
The Hill
May 25, 2016
An analysis by the Institute on Assets and Social Policy supports that if the Federal Government invested $60,000 in an account for children from low-income families, the net worth gap between African Americans and their white counterparts would narrow by more than 80 percent.

News Story

New study reveals nuanced story behind wealth disparity across racial and ethnic groups in L.A.

Melany De La Cruz-Viesca, Erin Fogg
UCLA Newsroom
March 10, 2016
The report’s authors urge lawmakers to address structural discrimination in asset and credit markets among other recommendations.


Ethics Issues for Community Lawyers

Apr 20, 2009
Covers identifying the client, defining the scope of representation and communicating when the representation has ended.
MCLE: 1 hour (Legal Ethics)

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