Organizational membership is open to IOLTA-funded nonprofit organizations with an office in California whose primary purpose it is to provide free, direct civil legal services to those who are indigent. This includes the provision of support services to programs that deliver direct civil legal services.

Associate membership is open to other legal nonprofits whose primary purpose it is to provide free legal services without charge to indigent Californians. These organizations are part of the bigger civil legal aid community, but do not receive IOLTA funding. We include them in our community for coordination work, for training, and for advocacy to support the legal safety net for all Californians.

If you’d like to know how to join as a member, please email LAAC Executive Director Salena Copeland at

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Associate Members

Associate Membership is open to legal services programs who are not IOLTA-funded. Associate Members are eligible for many of the same benefits as LAAC members.


Organizations and websites below are other access to justice stakeholders and nonprofits.