The Judicial Council of California is accepting applications for the position of Senior Analyst for the Center for Families, Children, & the Courts (CFCC), Language Access Implementation (LAI) unit. The Senior Analyst is responsible for providing advanced journey-level professional analytical work and serving as a subject matter expert on critical and high visibility project. The Senior Analyst serves as an integral part of the Language Access Services (LAS) team implementing the Strategic Plan for Language Access in the California Courts. The Strategic Plan is a landmark effort by the judicial branch to improve access to justice for California’s estimated 7 million limited English proficient (LEP) residents and potential court users. The Senior Analyst serves as the lead staff to a large, complex, and politically sensitive project, which entails managing the Language Access Signage and Technology Grant program for the courts, which is a $2.55 million annual program. This program supports court projects that will expand language access in the courts through the use of signage and technology.
The Senior Analyst will manage the yearly grant application process, including drafting and facilitating the review and approval of a recommendation report by several advisory bodies; ensuring Interbranch Agreements are approved and funds encumbered; and working with administrative staff to receive and process invoices. This project involves extensive contact with the superior courts via emails, phone calls, and meetings (in-person and virtual), along with contact with court leadership and advisory committee chairs and members. Strong organization, professional and courteous verbal and written communication skills are essential. The Senior Analyst will support the LAI Supervising Analyst in working with Judicial Council management, and will interface with multiple working groups or advisory bodies (Internal Review Committee, Joint Working Group, Language Access Subcommittee of the Advisory Committee on Providing Access and Fairness, Information Technology Advisory Committee, and the Technology Committee). The position also works closely with Judicial Council staff from Information Technology, Facilities, and Branch Accounting and Procurement to oversee grant efforts, answer questions, and develop recommendation memorandums and reports. The Senior Analyst is responsible for developing and presenting annual reports based on the court project data, Judicial Council reports, and updates for CFCC leadership, Language Access Representatives, and Regional Bargaining Committee Chairs. The Senior Analyst is responsible for grant management including planning, implementing, and monitoring fiscal compliance with program and State fiscal guidelines. The Judicial Council strives for work life balance and includes substantial vacation and holiday time. In addition, we offer an excellent benefits package including pension, medical, dental and vision coverage, flexible spending, $130 monthly stipend towards public transit commuting costs, and retirement savings plans. In San Francisco, the office is only a 7-minute walk from the Civic Center BART station in downtown San Francisco. In Sacramento, the office is located minutes from downtown, just north of Discovery Park.

The successful candidate will be expected to work in the San Francisco or Sacramento office.



  • Under direction of the Supervising Analyst, provide project management to the court Signage and Technology Grant Program, which is a large-scale and high-profile project, and serve as the subject matter expert:
    • Create and maintain programmatic guidelines to administer and manage Signage and Technology Grant Program.
    • Develop and conduct ongoing assessment of court infrastructure and signage and technology needs and update grant priorities as needed.
    • Research court signage and technology best practices, develop and maintain subject matter expertise on the topics.
    • Design grant program and guidelines to report outcomes; implement reporting tools; analyze financial data and out outcome data provided by courts and compile regular program reports monitoring and reporting on the use of the funds.
    • Design grant program and guidelines to report outcomes; implement reporting tools, analyze financial data and any outcome data provided by courts, and compile regular program reports monitoring and reporting on use of funds.
  • Under direction of the Supervising Analyst, provide financial management of the Signage and Technology grant program and provide technical assistance to the courts:
    • Coordinate court funding procedures for grants with Branch Accounting and Procurement, Facilities, and Budget Services to manage project accounting and procurement.
    • Track grant funding status and monitor grant expenditures in Excel; use FI$Cal to run reports; maintain all current funding and program progress reports.
    • Evaluate data and compile reports on court expenses and over-spending/underspending before end of grant period.
    • Assist individual courts with questions on the grant program, development and document signage and technology inquiries and grant processes, guidelines, and best practices.
    • Oversee invoicing, accounting, and reimbursement to ensure successful execution of grant process.
  • Manage Signage and Technology grant program communication, education, and reports:
    • Make verbal and PowerPoint presentations to judicial officers, and court staff regarding the grant program, including applications, contract status, and completed projects.
    • Draft related memoranda, e-mail, and other correspondence; participate in the development of associated press releases, coordinate with IT and web postings on the judicial branch websites.
    • Report progress to Supervising Analyst, management, PAF Language Access Subcommittee, and other advisory bodies (PAF, ITAC, JCTC), including the Judicial Council.
    • Monitor statewide and nationwide signage and technology court related training programs and develop training for the courts to expand projects and language access to the LEP court users.
  • Responsible for design and implementation of the Signage and Technology web content and other relevant webpages, including the Language Access Toolkit:
    • Designing and developing technical assistance and education for courts via web content re: signage and technology industry trends to improve language access.
    • Lead design and user experience research. After consultation with and approval of Supervising Analyst, collaborate web content to develop, define and implement high design standards. Analyze alternatives and made recommendations to Supervising Analyst for implementation.
    • At direction of supervisor, collaborate with Language Access Services Program staff and provide analytic services for various projects and committee as needed:
    • Participate in Language Access Implementation unit meetings, Language Access Services Program meetings, and CFCC meetings.
    • Participate in various meetings and projects (including training modules, webinars, andpodcasts) with multiple offices, court leadership, and statewide stakeholders


Bachelor’s degree, and four (4) years of analytical experience in program analysis, development, implementation, research, and/or evaluation.

Possession of a bachelor’s degree in a directly related field for the assigned discipline such as political science, public administration, statistics, mathematics, etc., may be substituted for one of the years of
required experience. An additional four years of professional experience as noted above may substitute for the bachelor’s degree. Or, additional directly related experience and/or education may be substituted on a year-for-year basis.


Master’s degree in a directly related field for the assigned discipline such as political science, public administration, statistics, mathematics, etc. that included qualitative and quantitative research, and one (1) year of analytical experience in program analysis, development, implementation, research, and/or evaluation.


One year in the Analyst classification with the Judicial Council of California or one year of experience performing the duties of a class comparable in the level of responsibility to that of an Analyst in a California Superior Court or California state-level government entity.


Please note: if you are selected for hire, verification of employment eligibility or authorization to work in
the United States will be required.


To ensure consideration of your application for the earliest round of interviews, please apply by 5:00 P.M. on August 31, 2021. This position requires the submission of our official application, a resume
and a response to the supplemental questions. To complete an online application, go to job opening #5834 at https://www.courts.ca.gov/careers.htm The Judicial Council provides reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities who request such accommodation. Reasonable accommodation needs should be requested through Human Resources at (415) 865-4260. Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (415) 865-4272.

$7,090.00 – $10,635/month per month
(Starting salary will be $7,090.00 per month)

Some highlights of our benefits package include:

  • Health/Dental/Vision benefits program
  • 13 paid holidays per calendar year
  • Choice of Annual Leave or Sick/Vacation Leave
  • 1 personal holiday per year
  • $130 transit pass subsidy per month
  • CalPERS Retirement Plan
  • 401(k) and 457 deferred compensation plans
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Basic Life and AD&D Insurance
  • FlexElect Program
  • Pretax Parking
  • Long Term Disability Program (employee paid/optional)
  • Group Legal Plan (employee paid/optional)

The Judicial Council of California Is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Supplemental Questions
To better assess the qualifications of each applicant, please provide a response to the following questions. Your responses should be no more than three (3) pages.

  1. Please describe your experience with managing a high-profile project that involved working with a diverse group of stakeholders, including multiple internal offices, various oversight committees, and/or external groups.
  2. Project management is critical for the Signage and Technology Grant Program. Please describe a project in which you managed multiple deadlines, organized the work, prioritized tasks, and took initiative to ensure a successful project outcome.
  3. Describe a time when you were instrumental in developing relationships with internal or external stakeholders (including courts) and created or improved a new process.
  4. Language Access Services is dedicated to improving and expanding language access for the nearly 7 million residents and potential court users in California who are of Limited English Proficiency. Please describe why this is important to you.
Senior Analyst
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