Migrant Shelter Volunteer Manager (Temporary) – San Diego


Interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis.

Deadline for applications is November 28, 2018


  • The position is full-time
  • The position is temporary, between 3-6 months
  • The position requires variable days with flexibility to work evenings and weekends



  • This position is temporary and not eligible for benefits
  • Starting pay range is $4,960 to $5,373 per month ($59,520 to $64,480 annual equivalent), depending on qualifications. (Please note that only candidates with at least 5 years of prior nonprofit project management experience are eligible for the highest starting pay rate.)
  • Travel required will be reimbursed at the federal reimbursement rate


The San Diego Rapid Response Network (SDRRN), with lead entity Jewish Family Service of San Diego (JFS) and support from OneJustice, is hiring a full-time temporary Migrant Shelter Volunteer Manager position. The position is needed immediately and for at least 3 months.


The San Diego Rapid Response Network (SDRRN) is a coalition of human rights and service organizations, attorneys, and community leaders dedicated to aiding immigrants and their families in the San Diego border region. Jewish Family Service (a SDRRN core partner) is a client-centered, impact-driven organization working to build a stronger, healthier, more resilient San Diego. OneJustice is a statewide nonprofit with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco that works to bring life-changing legal help to those in need by transforming the civil justice system.


Since October 26, Immigration Authorities have been vetting families seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border and releasing them – without resources or transportation – at the Port-of-Entry and other locations in San Diego. These families have fled violence, suffering, and persecution in their home countries. They have braved the elements and endured many hardships on a long and dangerous journey to the United States. In need of help, they are arriving at a Migrant Shelter in San Diego run by the San Diego Rapid Response Network (SDRRN). Upon arrival at the shelter, the SDRRN and its partners quickly respond to the needs of these vulnerable children and families by providing meals, medical care, and legal services. Most families have children ranging in age from three months to 10 years old.

Position Description:

The Migrant Shelter Volunteer Manager will be the lead position responsible for creating, managing, and continuously improving systems to ensure the highly effective placement of volunteers to serve immigrant families (the guests) at a mobile shelter and other locations in San Diego. The Volunteer Manager will be responsible for providing volunteer management support across this coalition, including to SDRRN partner organizations participating in this effort. The Volunteer Manager will be an employee of OneJustice.


The Volunteer Manager position will need to be able to work independently, and be comfortable working at multiple locations outside an office, including work done on-the-ground at the shelter and other locations where services are provided, done via videoconference with OneJustice staff, and done remotely off-site or at a partner organization office as needed.  Some travel to Los Angeles to the OneJustice office is required, including some overnight travel.


The Volunteer Manager will be supervised OneJustice’s Senior Attorney in the Pro Bono Justice team and responsible for the Immigration Pro Bono Network (in the Los Angeles office). The Volunteer Manager will work closely with the staff team of Jewish Family Service, particularly with and in support of the JFS Volunteer Coordinator(s).  The position will also work closely with staff (including volunteer coordinators) of the other organizations participating in SDRRN and this effort, and will receive access to the expertise, coaching, and supports from other members of the OneJustice staff, as needed.


The scope of work will include:

  • Providing key supports in volunteer management to the systems and structures of this response effort, including supports to meet the needs of JFS and other coalition organizations.


  • Coordinating with and providing information to the group of volunteer coordinators at other SDRRN participating organizations, including synchronizing services at other locations for the shelter guests.


  • Crafting, maintaining and continuously improving all systems relating to the successful recruitment, tracking, training, scheduling, supporting, and tracking of volunteers as needed to achieve the successful administration of the family shelter and other family support services shelter guests. This includes at least the following activities:


  • Volunteer systems design
    • Work with all of the nonprofits and other entities involved in the response to recommend the most efficient use of volunteers, appropriate volunteer/supervisory mix, and ways to support volunteer operations


  • Volunteer recruitment
    • Create, maintain and improve systems for identifying volunteers through online and other sign-up systems
    • Conduct online, email and in-person outreach to faith-based, public sector, and private sector entities for volunteers
    • Support JFS and other participating entities in ways they can reach their networks to recruit volunteers
    • Act as a single point of contact for communications with potential and existing volunteers


  • Volunteer Training & Orientation
    • Create systems, resources, materials, and supports for volunteers to train for and orient to their roles
    • Develop and manage volunteer policies, procedures, and standards of volunteer service
    • Conduct and/or arrange for volunteer orientation and training


  • Volunteer Matching and Placement
    • Surveying staff regularly to assess needs for volunteer assistance
    • Maintain Volunteer Service Descriptions for each volunteer assignment
    • Creating, updating, managing and continuously improving systems for volunteers to sign-up and be matched to available shifts and roles; managing information about volunteers and their availability, preferences, skills, and interests
    • Ensuring that volunteers are scheduled to support all the various areas of operations of the shelter and other support services for these families


  • Volunteer Oversight, Support, Supervision: creating systems and structures for the oversight and supervision of volunteers during their shifts and roles


  • Evaluation & Tracking:
    • Creating and maintaining systems for evaluating volunteer performance, volunteer satisfaction, process evaluation, outputs
    • Creating a continuous system where feedback is used to improve all of the systems above
    • Maintain accurate records and provide timely statistical and activity reports on volunteer participation


  • Managing Information Flow & Reporting
    • Provide regular written and oral updates and progress reports to the entities involved in this effort
    • Prepare grant contract and other reports as needed


  • Other systems and supports needed as the shelter and services change in the future to best meet the needs of shelter guests; this situation is fluid and continuously changing, and the Volunteer Manager must manage this work in a highly volatile and changing context



  • Bachelor’s degree with at least three years of relevant project or volunteer management experience in the nonprofit sector
  • Valid drivers’ license and personal vehicle
  • Computer Fluency: Microsoft Word, Excel, Google enterprise platform, databases
  • Verbal fluency in Spanish preferred
  • Past experience in disaster response, emergency response, or rapid raids response highly preferred
  • Ability to travel frequently within San Diego County in carrying out job responsibilities and occasional travel to Los Angeles
  • Able to be flexible and adaptive to changing conditions in rapid paced environment
  • Able to plan work schedule respective to program needs, including working evenings or weekends
  • An equity mindset
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team
  • Highly organized, with the ability to set priorities and manage multiple projects independently in a fast-paced environment
  • Able to effectively and efficiently address crises and problem-solve with open communication
  • A customer service orientation with a calm, courteous, attentive and professional manner
  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral

Application Process:

To apply, please visit: https://onejustice.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=19

Applications must be received by 5pm on Wednesday, November 28, 2018. The ideal start date is as soon as possible.

In the online application system listed above, be prepared to submit the following information: 1) a cover letter explaining your interest in and qualifications for the position that describes relevant work and/or volunteer experience; 2) your resume; 3) three references; and 4) a response to the following question:

OneJustice serves highly diverse communities in our clients and in the broader legal services sector.  To ensure that our agency is best positioned to serve these communities, OneJustice strives to promote an evolving set of behaviors and attitudes amongst our staff, as well as policies that enable us to work effectively in all cross-cultural situations, with clients, with our coworkers, and with our communities. We see this as a commitment to enhance the provision of our services to all clients and nonprofits and to create an inclusive and respectful workplace in which differences are acknowledged and valued. Please address in your cover letter how your personal background or experiences, professional or otherwise, have prepared you to contribute to our commitment to cultural competency and diversity amongst our staff. Feel free to think broadly about your response to this question, applying various aspects of your life and personal experiences.

To promote social justice and best serve our various communities, OneJustice is committed to maintaining a diverse staff and providing culturally competent services.  We strongly encourage candidates from traditionally underrepresented communities and historically oppressed groups, as well as bilingual and bicultural candidates, to apply.

Migrant Shelter Volunteer Manager (Temporary) – San Diego
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