Job Title: Practice Group Director – Public Benefits

FLSA Classification:  Exempt

Reports To: Deputy Director of Litigation

Supervises: Attorneys, Paralegals and Support Staff and as assigned


Purpose of Position:

The Public Benefits Practice Group Director manages the ICLS Legal Practice Group that focuses on Public Benefits.  This includes areas such as Housing and Disability Advocacy, Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance, and Cast Assistance Program for Immigrants.  This position actively manages attorney and related legal staff in all aspects related to public benefits claims.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Develop and supervise staff in the Public Benefits Practice Group.
  2. Collaborate with ICLS staff, healthcare providers, and other legal partners.
  3. Monitoring case work of advocates under the Practice Group Director supervision to ensure that staff are operating efficiently and producing quality legal work.
  4. Monitoring the balance of time spent by advocates on cases involving direct services to individual clients and to cases involving law reform, policy advocacy, or other legal work benefiting the larger population of low-income clients.
  5. Participating in management and administrative decision-making at ICLS   involving personnel issues and program policy and helping to implement such decisions.
  6. Providing supervision and evaluation of support staff assigned to the unit, in  coordination with the office manager.
  7. Supervision and enforcement of ICLS policies and procedures
  8. Other management or administrative duties which may be assigned.
  9. Conveying staff concerns about relevant office issues to ICLS management.
  10. Private Attorney Involvement activities as directed, including client intake, referral, advice, public relations, etc.

Supervisor:  Deputy Director of Litigation

Supervisees: Staff assigned to office


  1. Education: Degree from a law school and an active member of the California Bar.
  2. Work Experience:
  3. Minimum of three years practice of law;
  4. Prior experience in representing low-income, minority and senior citizen clients in a legal services program is highly desirable.
  5. Substantial experience in high volume client interviewing, civil poverty law legal research, negotiation, motion practice and trial work;
  6. Prior management experience in a supervisory capacity is desirable.
  7. Other Skills: must possess management skills; these include the ability to effectively supervise and work with people; the ability to work well under pressure; the ability to manage the daily operations of a legal services branch office. Must possess excellent organizational, time and stress management skills.  Must have a California Driver License and be able to drive a vehicle to go to court and/or have the ability to get to court.
  8. Language: An ability to relate to the client community being served.  Spanish speaking is an asset, but is not required.
  9. Must be able to travel to conferences and trainings as required by the program and/or funders.

Inland Counties Legal Services Is An

Equal Opportunity Employer

Women, Minorities and Handicapped Persons Encouraged to Apply

Practice Group Director – Public Benefits
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