LAAC Publications

And Justice for All
Published: 1996
The State Bar of California published this report in 1996. Members of LAAC’s board of directors and others who governed LAAC at the time contributed to the report.

Shaping the Future of Justice: Effective Recruitment and Retention of Civil Legal Aid Attorneys in California
Published: April 2010
LAAC commissioned this report, written by Kelly Carmody of Carmody and Associates

Needs Assessment: Assessing the Legal Needs of California’s Elders
Published: 2010
LAAC published this report, written by R. Ruth Linden, PhD

Assessing the Needs of California’s Legal Services System to Meet the Needs of Older Californians
Published: 2010
LAAC conducted a survey of all legal services organizations in California serving seniors on their current ability to meet the needs of their community, and analyzed this data in conjunction with data from the California Department of Aging.

Improving Civil Justice in Rural California
Published: September 2010
The California Commission on Access to Justice commissioned this report to raise awareness of the justice gap suffered in the rural areas of California, and LAAC Executive Director Salena Copeland served on the Rural Task Force that created this publication.

Social Work and Legal Services Integrating Disciplines: Lessons from the Field
Published: Summer 2011
The lawyer/social worker relationship is examined in terms of the strengths it offers, the challenges it presents, and the lessons learned from the field.

2019 Legal Aid Association of California Annual Report