2019 Legal Aid Day in Sacramento

Legal Aid Day in Sacramento 2019, Photo by Lorin Kline

When legal aid shows up at the Capitol, policymakers listen. On February 27th, 2019, LAAC organized our 2nd Annual Legal Aid Day in Sacramento. Once a year, we organize this day of advocacy to educate legislatures on the fundamental value of living in a state that upholds justice for all and proves it in the budget and in the law. 

We successfully coordinated over 30 attorneys and advocates from organizations across the state that provide free legal services on a variety of issue areas impacting low-income Californians, such as housing, child care, domestic violence, and public benefits.

Along with LAAC staff, these advocates met with nearly 40 legislators or their staffers, many of whom participate in caucuses and committees – including Budget and Judiciary – that make critical decisions implicating the work of legal aid organizations. We informed lawmakers about what legal aid does, how free legal services to low-income people reinforces the safety net, and how California is behind many other states in supporting legal aid through the state budget. 

As evidenced by our big budget wins in 2016 and 2017, we’re confident that legislators heard legal aid’s collective voice and we will see our efforts pay off in June when the budget is finalized. Please stay tuned!

By mobilizing the legal aid community, we are shaping the future of justice in California together.  

What this year’s participants had to say about the 2019 Day in Sacramento:

“Very, very well organized and productive day! I totally assumed that LAAC had a consultant/lobbying firm plan the whole thing. Had no idea it was done in-house-it was so professional!”

“Thanks for the impeccable organizing and for giving us this opportunity, which we otherwise would NOT have access to!”

To find out more about our recent successes and what is on the horizon, please contact Executive Director, Salena Copeland (scopeland@laaconline.org).

Join us next year for the third annual Legal Aid Day in Sacramento in 2020!