Wednesday, July 29, 2015

In-Person Trainings


Jith Meganathan (formerly of Central California Legal Services), Todd Thompson of the First District Court of Appeal, and Hon. Erica Yew of the Santa Clara County Superior Court speak on a panel at the 2012 Pathways to Justice Conference in San Francisco.
The Family Law Conference:

The goal of this training is to meet the most pressing educational and practice needs of a wide range of lawyers, paralegals, self-help providers, facilitators, advocates and volunteers providing family law assistance to poor persons in California. The training generally covers complex and recurrent topics including the substantive law areas of real property, pensions, military, and domestic violence/custody. Participants will be able to attend sessions addressing ethical issues in self-help assistance, effective case assessment, recruitment and management of volunteers and fund development to support family law assistance. At the Family Law Conference, LAAC's Family Law Awards are presented. To view past training materials, please click here.


Prescott Cole of California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform presents at the 2009 LAAC Traveling Training in Fresno.
Travel Trainings:

Developed after participants in the 2001 Statewide Stakeholders meeting identified a need for legal services trainings outside urban centers, LAAC's Traveling Trainings serve the dual objective of providing affordable and accessible training to advocates in rural areas, and helping advocates build connections to California's Support Center resources. Held annually, Traveling Trainings features a myriad of workshops facilitated by advocates from a diverse range of legal aid support centers. Trainers present comprehensive MCLE sessions on diverse substantive issues in Sacramento, Fresno, Riverside, and the San Diego area. To view past training materials, please click here.

The Directors of Litigation and Advocacy and Support Center Meetings:


The Directors of Litigation and Advocacy and Support Center Meetings are bi-annual meetings in San Francisco and Los Angeles. These meetings are an opportunity for Support Center staff and Directors of Litigation and Advocacy to meet separately and then together to network, hear policy updates, share best practices, and learn substantive material. The Support Center meeting is open to all staff at Support Centers, whereas the DoLA meeting is open to any Directors of Litigation, Advocacy, and Training, as well as Directing/Managing Attorneys at programs that do not have a position with the title of Director of Litigation, Advocacy or Training.