Friday, July 31, 2015

Directors of Litigation and Advocacy

LAAC's Directors of Litigation and Advocacy (DoLA) group and listserv is used for sharing substantive legal information, continuing discussions from the in-person meetings, and coordinating statewide responses to recent developments and legislative issues. It is open to any Directors of Litigation, Advocacy, and Training, as well as Executive Directors or Directing/Managing Attorneys at programs that do not have a position with the title of Director of Litigation, Advocacy, or Training. If you would like more information, please contact Patrick Fodell at

"The DOLA section meetings are a great venue for advocacy directors and senior advocates to discuss pressing substantive issues facing our client communities, and more importantly, to craft effective responses to these challenges.  These gatherings also provide a forum for addressing important infrastructural issues such as the training, motivation and retention of legal services advocates.  Finally, a big benefit is getting to meet and sometimes commiserate with other advocates who are responsible for ensuring that the substantive work of their agency addresses the most important legal needs of their clients as effectively and efficiently as possible."

-Bob Capistrano, Bay Area Legal Aid