Saturday, August 01, 2015
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Apply for the 2013 Dan Bradley Fellowship!

Are you a law student interested in working in legal services?

Each year, LAAC invites law students working with LAAC member legal services programs during the summer to apply for the Dan Bradley Summer Fellowship Program. The goal of the Fellowship is to offer law students, particularly those from low-income or working class backgrounds, the opportunity to consider a career in legal services and other public interest law while providing legal services and other programs with a source of dedicated and energetic staff.

Please note that the organization MUST BE a LAAC member program. Offices of Public Defenders or District Attorneys are not LAAC Member programs because they are not legal services organizations funded by IOLTA. All LAAC Member programs are located in California.

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Are you interested in hosting a Dan Bradley Fellow at your organization?

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"In addition to research and advocacy, I also worked directly with
communities and conducted individual surveys to assess the transportation
needs of rural communities. The surveys will be used to show the actual need for
transportation in the rural communities and to advocate for more resources in
these already resource-poor communities. I am forever grateful for the financial
and professional support offered by the fellowship."




    - Angélica Salceda
2012 Dan Bradley Fellow